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Bridesmaids hairstyles

How to choose the perfect hairstyles for your bridesmaids

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Choosing the best hairstyle for your Bridesmaids can be lots of fun but also challenging…making sure that everyone feels comfortable, that their looks compliments your style …..and you also have to think about the weather.

Where do you start?

Once you have chosen your bridesmaids dresses, you can look for hairstyles that compliments your look…so if your look is a 1920's vintage feel, you wouldn't choose beehive hairstyles.

Take into consideration your Wedding theme....Classic, Vintage, Garden party or even an Elvis theme.  This will also help you short list what works for you and your girls….there are so many out there to choose from...simple chignon's, Braids with twists, messy updo's, vintage waves, long boho curls...

Start a Vision board of looks that you like and then identify what you like about these looks. is it the pretty headpiece, the colour of the headpiece, the braid, the soft waves, the colour of the hairstyle (different hair colours show definition more than others)?  One great resource if Pinterest, you can start so many different boards to inspire you. Your hair accessories need to compliment any other jewellery you may have, that is earrings and necklaces.

Send your Bridesmaids a link to your vision board shortlist and ask them to let you know what styles they like, that way they feel like they are contributing too.

Discuss with your hairdresser what looks will work.  If you have Bridesmaids all with long straight hair and one with afro hair, you will need to talk about what is possible and what preparation needs to be done prior to the day. If one Bridesmaid has short hair, and the other's longer hair there are ways to still create a similar feel.

Style planning may also involve adding in hairpieces or the use of hair moulds to create that perfect shape. Ask your hairstylist, do they supply these or do you have to supply them?

Some tips to help you plan your perfect Bridesmaids hairstyle....

bridesmaids-hairstyles-Brisbane-2014* If you would like bridesmaids to wear their hair out on the Wedding day, consider hairstyles to one side or half pinned up for more stability and longevity
* Choose hairstyles to suit hairtypes, eg really curly hair is best not straightened for hot weather Weddings.
* Consider styles that will compliment each face shape.
* look for hairstyles that are length appropriate, or can hairpieces be used to creat the look?
* If adding hairpieces ensure that hairpieces are available for the haircolours, eg natural redheads can be more difficult to match.
* Pick style that your Bridesmaids feel comfortable with.
* Inform your Bridesmaids with how they need to prepare their hair for the styling on the Wedding day, ie when do they need to wash their hair and should they use product?




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