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Wedding hair and makeup trial tips

Brisbane Brides - Planning your Bridal hair & makeup look

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When do you have your trial?

When starting your planning of hair and makeup, you may be worried about who you are booking.  Wedding magazines can scare you into stressing about your trial…”try before you buy”…but in reality to be able to book a supplier in demand you have to book in advance, and it may not be ideal to have your trial so early.  Your ideas are still coming together and if you have your trial too far ahead, you may not remember exactly how it looked of felt.  If you need some more assurance in who you are booking, book in for a “face to face” consultation, so see what you feel upon meeting prospective artists.

Look for businesses that may have a “Guarantee” or “Promise”, as this shows they are dedicated to ensuring you leave your trial happy and have a process in place.

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Plan your hair and makeup trial with somewhere to go that night.

You have just spent time and money having your beautiful look created, why not go out and show it off…even drinks with girl friends, hen’s night, etc.

If your trial can be planned in a time that is similar season to your Wedding it is more beneficial, as you can see how your makeup wears to be able to make appropriate changes for the Wedding day.

You may have in your mind that you would like to wear your hair down on the Wedding day and curl may not last long in your hair, maybe add in some hairpieces to help with longevity.  If you are then going out you can see how the curl lasts.

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Choose who you bring with you to your trial?

In choosing that someone special to come with you to your hair and makeup trial, think about who compliments you the most and knows your style and who you are.  Also someone who can help and support you.  Even though you may want to involve a few more people in your experience, it may be better not to bring too many others if you feel stressed and question your ideas too much….you may end up leaving with a look that you didn’t really want.

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If you aren’t visual and don’t know where to start in choosing a look, what to do?

One of our recent Brides arrived at our New Farm Bridal salon the other day in a panic, worried about that she didn’t know what would suit her and her trial was coming up soon.  For her looking at pictures for Wedding hair and makeup, didn’t give her any clarity and left her overwhelmed.

Sitting down and having a consultation is a great way to start the process on choosing a look.  At Powder Room our trials are double the time to that of the Wedding day.  Not feeling rushed allows you the time to feel comfortable in planning you look together with your artist and then seeing the look completed.  Sometimes a simple tweak can help you feel like a look is more you. Your trial is the most important time that your artists meet you.  In booking who is looking after you on the day, ensure that they spend enough time with you at the Wedding trial that way you have peace of mind in knowing you feel great leaving with you perfect look.

So should you take a photo of your trial?

It is great to have a memory of the occasion, and to be able to look at your look and see if you like the perspective of the hairstyle, and maybe you want to show your Mum (who wan’t at your trial) what you looked like.  

Trial photo’s though can be not colour balanced and this means that the lighting won’t show the makeup as it ideally it, potentially having different warm or cool casts which is different from how it really looked.  Amateur camera’s can also distort features, we all don’t like our side view, so I guess the big tip is, don’t over analysis your photo of your trial.

Choosing hairstyles and makeup looks

It’s the week before your trial and you have been so busy at work, and we suddenly realise…ahhhh, you haven’t looked for picture inspiration for your Wedding makeup and hair look, so here are some quick tips to help you choose a look:

*Choose looks with similar hair colour and hair thickness to you.

*Choose makeup looks with similar skin tone and eye shapes to you.

*consider the weather on the day of your Wedding, if it’s really hot weather, you may choose an up hair do.

*Do you have to keep your hair long? Not really what not have your hair cropped and choose an amazing hair accessory.

* If in doubt choose what you know suits your face, just because you wear something similar each day, it sometimes it what looks best on you. Just be yourself.

*Most stylists can pump up the volume or add in extra length by using pin in hairpieces, to create the perfect Wedding up style

*prep you hair the correct way the night before your trial, if you aren’t sure ring and ask a few questions.  Most artists prefer the hair to be washed the night before and hair to be dried without using straightening irons.

*Be open to changing your mind, you can prepare your ideas, but during the trial process you might find another style works better.

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