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Should I have Airbrush make up for my Wedding day?

You want look incredible on your Wedding day. Deciding whether to have a traditional brush foundation applied or airbrush foundation is an important decision to make.

So, what is Airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is not to be confused with Airbrushing in Photoshop.

Airbrush makeup for Brides, is mostly just foundation that is sprayed on with an airbrush gun run by a compressor.  It is a much finer application and because foundation is sprayed on, it mimics the way cameras see our face.  

Airbrushing has both water based and silicon based types of foundation. It you want more of a matte finish.  Silicon is more of a dewy finish . Another point that makeup artists consider when choosing the right foundation for you is that not all are created equal, just as with traditional application brands.

Airbrush makeup unfortunately isn’t waterproof, it really is about what lasts best on an individuals skin.  Using Primers and matifers helps with longevity.

What type of skin should have airbrush application?


It works best on skin that is in good condition and really shouldn’t ever by applied to thickly. More mature of skins that are dry in texture tend not to be the best for traditional application products.

Airbrushing can be amazing for skin with some sensitivities, as you don’t have the brush stippling and irritating the skin.

There are only certain brands of foundation that can be used through the airbrush machine, and less variety of brands.

Airbrush makeup is also very much about the artist applying the product.  A heavy handed makeup artist can flood the skin with too much foundation.  Generally a lighter speed with the gun application is best, and slowly built up.

What are the advantages of Traditional application (brush applied) foundation?


Traditional application can be built up or buffed down. You can also work the foundation into the skin if you have skin texture problems.

Traditional application comes with the widest variety of brands to choose from.

So whilst airbrush makeup and traditional application methods, can both have their advantages and disadvantages, the final decision can come down to what brand of foundation suits you and your skin.  What looks great on your friend may not look the same on you.

Talk to your artist at your trial and work out between you what choice is best for you.  At Powder Room trials we email a “skin care” questionnaire the week before your trial, so we know as much as possible about you.

If you are having trouble making a decision, after chatting to your artist, and you have good skin, why not try it out, it’s fun, feels relaxing, and it’s great to have a new experience :)

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