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Tanning for Weddings...Tips & Advice

We are always asked by our brides-to-be, "Should I get a spray tan for my wedding day?" or "What do I need to know/think about when organising a tan for the day?" So here are a few tips from one of our stylists who is a tan-professional :-)

How do I plan the perfect spray tan for my wedding day? 

Everyone has seen an unattractive spray tan, no one wants to look orange on any day but especially not on your wedding day!  The first step is to prepare your skin for your spray tan - using an exfoliating glove, exfoliate your skin every day for seven days prior to your spray tan; moisturise your whole body as often as possible (dry patches will go darker); do all hair removal at least 24 hours before your spray tan to ensure that your pores close before the spray tan is applied.

How do I rinse my tan off?

Have a luke warm, 30 second shower or until the water runs clear, don't use any body wash, run your hands over your body very quickly to avoid water run marks, pat dry with a towel from head to toe, do not moisturise after your first shower (especially if it is an express tan).

How do i know if the product/brand will be appropriate for my skin tone and type?

There is a huge variety of tanning products on the market and choosing the correct product for your skin can be tricky.  Tanning products are available in various "base" colours for example, green, purple and red.  The spray tan consultant will analyse your skin and determine which base is best suited to your skin, aiming to counteract your natural pigment.


How do i keep my spray tan lasting and avoid patchiness?

It is important to moisturise as much as possible after your tan has developed and been rinsed off (not within 12 hours of getting your tan).  Hot water and chlorine dry out your skin so it is best to avoid these for the week after your tan.

What questions should i ask my spray tanner?

Spray tans are now available in 8 hour or express tans, ensure that you know which tan you are getting so that you know when to rinse it off.  Ask what it should look like before and after rinsing and what to do if you make a smudge in the tan before rinsing.

What else do i need to know?

Spray tans do not contain SPF protection so don't forget to apply sunscreen! It is best to have your spray tan done two days before your wedding or special event.  Remember to relax while your spray tan is developing, avoid activities that cause you to sweat or get the spray tan wet.  Wear dark, loose clothing without a bra after having your spray tan applied.

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