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Planning Your Wedding Day Hair Trial

ask-karen 1Planning your Wedding is so much about organisation and trying to fit it all in around work, family and of course getting fit to look like that super princess bride! Phewwww!!! Hard work!!

If your Wedding is soon, you will be thinking about your Wedding day trial. At the Powder Room we have had so many trials lately, and it got me to thinking that we could help you with a few tips!  When we meet with our brides, I can really see the excitement and the nervous energy as you realise that the day is close!!! You feel those butterflies in your stomach.  It is simply the most amazing time of your life, and we are so happy to be a part of your special day.

When planning your trial it seems that brides have more difficulty in choosing that perfect Wedding hairstyle, so we'd like to help make that easier for you! We are updating our gallery soon, so make sure you check out the latest hairstyle looks

Tips for Brides To Be

  • Consider the time of day and the season. If the weather is warmer and you really want to make sure your style lasts all day and night, then choose an upstyle for longevity.
  • Most of your professional photo's are taken from a front on view, so make sure you still feel like yourself and that you are comfortable with how the front of your hair looks.
  • Think also about what you don't like as the process of elimination for a hairstyle choice, as is sometimes easier.
  • What shape face do you have?  For example,if you have a long face don't choose an upstyle with a long parting, choose a short parting and a style with a bit more width and softness, maybe a softly curled look.
  • Are you wearing a veil?  If so where do you see your veil being placed?  If your veil is a heavy veil, it may weigh down a hairstyle, you may need to choose a hairstyle with padding support added to make sure the hairstyle holds if you remove the veil.
  • Try to have your trial at least 4-8 weeks before the day, in the few weeks before you are feeling a little more excitement jitters, that way you leave nothing to chance.
  • Check the correct preparation of your hair before the trial.  Did you know if you are thinking of a curled hairstyle that if you have your hair straightened with irons prior to coming to your trial, then it can make your curls drop.  Also try to avoid using silicon based straightening products as they can tend to coat the hair.
  • Wear a simple top without a collar as they can interfere with the back of the hairstyle, particularly if you choose a low look.

See some of our recent beautiful Powder Room Wedding hairstyles from our Real Bride collection.

Photography compliments of Studio Impressions ©2010

Love Karen xxx

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